Motley Brew’s offerings are a result of expert sommeliers and curators working together and pooling in decades of combined experience to showcase a world class produce. Our offerings have been carefully curated to give you a special, immersive experience. So brew yourself a Motley Brew of your choice, sit back, and let the aroma, taste, and flavour transport you to ‘our’ world.




Warm, nutty, delicious. Every variety of coffee has a story behind it. At Motley Brew, we choose the finest beans from estates rich in spices, fruit, flora and fauna which impart a unique taste and flavor to your coffee. All shade grown, bird and bee-friendly and hence naturally pollinated, every signature blend of Motley Brew coffee has a heady aroma, a silken mouth-feel and a luxurious after-taste which makes for an experience to be remembered long after the coffee is over.


Feel a Hug in Every Sip

Curated & Hand-picked for you

Specially curated with a discerning consumer in mind, the finest of Indian produce has been sourced at site to bring you a cup of goodness, unparalleled in aroma and taste. Guaranteed to leave you refreshed and longing for more.

Rare Provenance

Most of our produce is Single Estate, Single Invoice and of a Limited Edition. We like to buy the whole invoice when available to ensure we have a unique produce. Most of our tea is certified Organic by the leading certification bodies of the world.

Our Nilgiri produce is officially acknowledged as the highest grown, certified organic tea in the world and coffee is primarily from the highlands of Coorg and Chikmagalur, which grow the finest.

21 Days from Bush to Cup

Our technology partners are working on establishing the entire sourcing process from ‘bush to cup’ through a block chain specially created for traceability, so that you are aware of what you are consuming.

In the interim, we assure you the quickest turnaround time from ‘bush to cup’ of 21 days or below for our tea. The usual time for blended produce on supermarket shelves is 150-180 days.

Special packaging

Our packaging is meant to reflect the special produce within and lead you into an immersive experience. The produce is sealed in foil pouches and nitroflushed to ensure that it stays fresh for long.

The re-usable tin has a sealing ring to ensure that there is no seepage of moisture.

Artisanal. Rare. Unique

While nature provides, man creates. We are purists when it comes to our produce. Our sommeliers run through hundreds of cups to create a unique blend, often a twist on a classic blend, or pick out a rare tea or coffee with discerning notes. Most of our offerings comprise of the best of Single Estate & Single Invoice teas and coffees, ensuring they are none like another.


Most of the estates we source from are Rainforest Alliance-certified for Sustainability. Many are also Fairtrade-certified for Ethical Sourcing. We source directly and ethically, eliminating middlemen and ensuring the fastest turnaround time as well.

Our rare herbs come from small, family-run farms in the higher reaches of the Himalayas to the spice forests of Kerala, harvested by resident tribals. Most of these have been organically and biodynamically grown for centuries.

Fair Trade & Giving Back

Most of the gardens we deal with are Fairtrade certified, which means that a share of the revenue is used directly for the wellbeing of the farmers.

In addition, at Motley Brew, we share a part of our revenues with the charities that our partners support.

The Journey. Where it all began.


From Left to Right : Nalwa, Sampam, PK, SaGa, Ranga

The summer of 1989 – A motley crew of five gangly, 17-18 year old awkward boys meet over a cup of tea at the Shriram College of Commerce hostel, kindling a life long friendship. Now 50 years old, they celebrate their friendship over a cup of joy that continues to bind them together.

Life then had been a mixture of carefree fun, frolic and conversations, some laced with serious intellectual commitment over numerous cups of tea and coffee at a ramshackle tea shop on the campus. As ‘Motley’ as we were, with diverse interests and talents, we created memories and bonds over copious quantities of tea and coffee. Looking back now, the conversations that we shared, the dreams and aspirations that laid the foundations for our far fetched entrepreneurial dreams were bound by a common love for quality tea and coffee.

Years later, our mutual love for quality tea and coffee stayed the same, and so did our friendship, and our dreams did not seem that far-fetched anymore. 

Our brand of goodness, Motley Brew, came about as an indirect reference to us, a Motley Crew of five. Motley Brew is an ode to timeless friendships and endless conversations. We seek to recreate and share the same bonhomie, warmth and happiness with every cup of Motley Brew.

A lot of thought and care has gone into curating the best of Indian produce, sourced directly and ethically from small growers and is certified sustainable.

Every cup of Motley Brew seeks to create cheer not only in your lives, but also the underprivileged, whom we wholeheartedly support with a portion of the revenues going to charities that the partners support.

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