We take your loyalty as seriously as you take your brew

Introducing QWID (1 Qwid = Rs. 1)
Qwid is a revolutionary loyalty program that rewards you at every step of the way. It’s a unique program that gives you points as soon as you sign up, and then continues to reward you for shopping with us, referring friends, and reviewing products!
Start earning Qwids from the moment you create an account at Motley Brew, and earn more in a variety of ways.
  1. Sign up at Motely Brew – Earn 10 Qwids
  2. Shop for your Favourite Brew – Earn 5 Qwids for each Rs 100 spent on purchase
  3. Refer your Friend –  You Earn 50 Qwids ( Your Friend also earns 5o Qwids )
  4. For each Review posted on the Motley Brew website – Earn 25 Qwids
It only gets better from here.

Ways to earn rewards

Points for Shopping

5 Qwids for each 100.00 spent

Review QWIDS

+25 Qwids

Signup for Motley Brew

+10 Qwids

Referral Rewards

You get Qwids : 50
Your friend gets Qwids : 50

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