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Tea is more than simply a beverage in India; it is an emotion! Most Indians begin their days with a cup of tea in hand. Without one, most of them can’t function at their best. Throughout the day, they consume more as well. People all around the country drink tea, from luxuriously flavoured brews to cutting chai sold on the street. India is the world’s second-largest tea producer, right after China. India consumes a whooping 837,000 tonnes of tea annually. 

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Bringing back The Aura of luxury in Tea

Luxury is the feeling one gets when one gets treated with respect and attention. And it’s something that everyone deserves to experience. Luxury isn’t just about money. It’s about finding ways to make your life more enjoyable, whether that means having a special meal. Or even sometimes taking time out of your busy schedule to relax.

There is no other beverage that can pep up your mood, make your day full of energy. Even inspire you to get out of bed, or make your evenings heavenly like tea. In India, an English breakfast is incomplete without a cup of tea. It genuinely is a relaxing feeling when you put on some music while enjoying a cup of tea, all while cooking your favourite breakfast. 

TEA Drinking culture


Tea has been one of the most popular beverages in the world for centuries. Additionally, it came to use as a medicinal drink by ancient Chinese emperors and monks. They believed it could help them live longer. Tea’s ability to aid digestion and improve mental focus is what makes it so popular today.

Tea drinking is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years. Tea-drinking culture is prominent in China, India, and Japan. They are all countries with rich traditions of art and philosophy. The Chinese have developed a special respect for their teas which they call “Cultivated Classics” (or Wucha). They consider these teas to be the embodiment of wisdom, culture, and tranquility. The perfect antidote from our busy lives where everything is so fast-paced.
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What makes Motley Brew the best luxury tea brand?

Quality, origin, and sustainability is what makes our brand what it is, a luxury tea brand with a conscience. Although, tea is a beverage embraced by the masses. It is also a beverage with history and is highly rooted in culture. Motley Brew as a brand believes that no one should compromise on the taste and quality of the tea that they consume. Motley Brew is a luxury tea brand and uses the finest tea leaves sourced from the tea plantations at high elevations. Guaranteeing every tea drinker the best of teas in both taste and quality. Besides, our tea will reinvigorate your daily life with its premium blends. We source most of our products  from single estate and they are undoubtedly limited edition. 

Our Nilgiri produce is officially acknowledged as the highest grown, certified organic tea in the world. Our handcrafted blends are made from natural ingredients and herbs such as Tulsi, Ginger, Mint, Chamomile, etc. They have healing properties and promise delight to your taste buds and body. They are specially curated after a run through 100s of cups of tea to bring to you the perfect blends. Also, we believe in giving back to the community for which reason a part of our revenue goes to charity.

Timeless TEa

As our name goes, we are constantly exploring new ways to match modern-day lifestyles with something as timeless as tea.

Motley Brew as a brand was born out of an idea to revive old traditions by blending them with modernity. We have premium blends such as the Organic Kashmiri Kahwah green tea, Himalayan Chamomile & Roselle Tea. Also, Himalayan Chamomile & Rhododendron Tea, and Himalayan Chamomile, Lime & Strawberry Tea. These premium tea will surely be the best dessert tea you’ll ever taste packed with goodness. Our Dessert teas will be sure to make your tea better than others, and open up your senses.

Specialty teas from Motley Brew feature flavours that will make you feel upbeat. Being one’s happiest self is possible by being in good health. Similarly, every brew prepared with Tisane tea leaves guarantees that you’ll feel luxury, wellness, and increased strength all at once. In addition, each blend is created specifically to welcome you to a world of wellness and luxury where numerous health benefits reside.

tea: rich in history and culture

Tea has been around for thousands of years and has been enjoyed by many cultures throughout history. Hence, it’s no wonder why people continue to enjoy this beverage today! We want you to experience the same feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation when you sip on your Motley Brew. Without doubt, that others have felt before you, so we make sure each blend is made using only natural ingredients.
We are proud to bring you a wide selection of blends that are hand-picked by our sommelier and curators. They work together and pool decades of experience. Every bottle has been carefully curated to give you an immersive experience that excites your taste buds.

In Conclusion

Tea is the perfect drink for 1000 reasons, tea can relax you, and reboot your body. So, whether it’s time to wind down after work, or time to recharge before the big game, a cup of Motley Brew is the first-class luxury you deserve.

Motley Brew has redefined the definition of luxury tea in today’s world. Certainly, with its premium blends produced from the best plantations, curated by experts. At the same time, promises an amazing experience for the buyers with less than 21 days of turnaround time from bush to your cups. With a combination of nature, refinement, and simplicity, 

All in all, Motley Brew as the best luxury tea brand is dedicated to providing a unique experience for tea enthusiasts. Besides, tea is not something that needs to be sipped out of cheap paper bags or used only as medicine. But, it’s rather something that can elevate your lifestyle, both physically and emotionally.

FAQs on the best Luxury Tea Brand

What types of teas does your brand offer?

Our luxury tea brand offers a wide variety of teas, including black, green, oolong, and wellness. We also offer a selection of unique and exotic teas, such as Dessert teas and Specialty Teas.

Where do you source your teas from?

Most of the estates we source from are Rainforest Alliance-certified for Sustainability. Our rare herbs come from small, family-run farms in the higher reaches of the Himalayas to the spice forests of Kerala, harvested by resident tribals.

How are your teas packed?

Our packaging is meant to reflect the special produce within and lead you into an immersive experience. The produce is sealed in foil pouches and nitro-flushed to ensure that it stays fresh for a long. The reusable tin has a sealing ring to ensure that there is no seepage of moisture.

Does your tea contain any natural ingredients?

Our carefully designed blends are made with all-natural components and herbs, like Tulsi, Ginger, Mint, Chamomile, etc., that are both nourishing to the body and delicious to the taste buds.

Do you have some premium blends for the premium days?

We offer premium blends including Organic Kashmiri Kahwah Green Tea, Himalayan Chamomile & Rosemary Tea, Himalayan Chamomile & Rhododendron Tea, and Himalayan Chamomile, Lime & Strawberry Tea, which are all incredibly nourishing and the greatest dessert tea you'll ever try.

Do you have any wellness teas for the extra health-conscious?

Yes, we provide a variety of herbal teas for wellness, such as Men's Wellness Organic Green Tea, Organic Green Tea With Himalayan Ginger, Tulsi & Mint, Spicy Turmeric Organic Green Tea, Women's Wellness Organic Green Tea, and Organic Green Tea With Himalayan Mint & Moringa. Each blend has been especially made to welcome you to a realm of luxury and wellness where many health benefits reside.

What makes Motley Brew different from others?

We always look for innovative methods to combine something as traditional as tea with contemporary lifestyles, as suggested by our name. The concept of Motley Brew was to restore ancient customs by fusing them with modernity. Our brand is what it is because of its focus on sustainability, quality, and origin. It is a luxury tea brand with a moral.

How can I gift Motley Brew tea to someone online?

Of Course! We offer The Limited Collection Gift Pack, which contains nine different tea varieties, including specialty, black and green, classic, and tisane. Every hour of the day or night offers something unique.
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