Cold Brew Blend

200 gms

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An aromatic, curated blend of high-grown Arabica and Robusta featuring different production styles, this cold brew blend is like none other and has a character of its own.

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Strong notes of cocoa and dark chocolate laced with the sweetness of maple and citrusy fruity intones. Finishes off with a rich creamy, well-rounded mouthfeel.

Organic and Rare brews from Motley Brew

Most of our produce is single estate, and certified organic. We like to buy the whole invoice to ensure we have a unique produce.

Ethically Sourced Tea and Coffee Motley Brew

Most of our produce is ethically sourced directly from Rainforest Alliance certified estates across India.


We source directly and ethically, eliminating middlemen and in the process ensuring the fastest crop to cup time.


Our packages are nitro-flushed  to sustainably lock-in freshness and arrive at your doorstep in reusable tins and bio-degradable cartons.

All About

Cold Brew Blend

About Cold Brew Blend

Contrary to popular perception, cold brewed coffee is not ‘cold’ coffee which is brewed hot and refrigerated. Cold brewing coffee involves steeping coarsely ground coffee in cold water for 10-24 hours. By not subjecting the coffee to heat, the acids and tannins in coffee are not released aggressively, the prolonged exposure to cold water draws out the inherent sugars in coffee and renders it rather sweet, smooth, and less acidic. The caffeine in this method, however, is extracted to its maximum.

Not all coffee can be made into a cold brew. We carefully curate a blend of both Arabica and Robusta coffee, both ’washed’ and ‘natural’ as well as include some curated micro-lots and specialty coffee to make it a blend worth working hard for.

This is a versatile blend and while it has been calibrated for cold brewing it also fares very well as a hot brew.

Steeping Instructions
  • Grind Size: Coarse like rough sand.
  • The ratio of Coffee to Water is 1:10 . It’s important that the water is filtered as hard water is an impediment to good brewing.
  • Time taken 16-24 hours, some trial and error to achieve the perfect desired quality.
  • Steep coffee in a cold brew bag or a muslin cloth in the ratio mentioned and leave it to brew for between 16-24 hours, depending upon how one likes it.
  • In hotter temperatures, it is best brewed refrigerated.
  • Decant carefully and strain to avoid sediments.
  • This can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.
  • Can be diluted with water, tonic water, orange, or lemon juice for variations or had as it is.
  • Roast Profile: Medium Dark
  • Brewing recommendation: French Press / Chemex / Pour Over
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