Goa House Reserve

200 gms

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Specially blended, this is a pure-washed Arabica from the highest elevations of Coorg. Shade-grown and naturally pollinated, this coffee is grown amidst rows of Coorg Mandarin oranges.

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A citrusy, full-bodied coffee with intones of milk chocolate, caramel, and orange and a hint of nuts.

Organic and Rare brews from Motley Brew

Most of our produce is single estate, and certified organic. We like to buy the whole invoice to ensure we have a unique produce.

Ethically Sourced Tea and Coffee Motley Brew

Most of our produce is ethically sourced directly from Rainforest Alliance certified estates across India.


We source directly and ethically, eliminating middlemen and in the process ensuring the fastest crop to cup time.


Our packages are nitro-flushed  to sustainably lock-in freshness and arrive at your doorstep in reusable tins and bio-degradable cartons.

All About

Goa House Reserve

About Goa House Reserve

This blend was specially curated for Motley Brew’s experiential café in Goa, as such the name Goa House Reserve. The early rushes and sampling gave us the feedback of a special blend, which we then thought we should share with all our friends and well-wishers.

Grown at an average elevation of 3000 ft, these prime Arabicas feature a mixed range of Brazilian Catimor, Guatemalan San Ramon, Indian Selection 795, and the indigenous Cauvery coffee variety. Shade grown under vast forests of dual shade, permanent shade comprising a variety of prime hardwood trees like Rosewood, Red and White Cedar, and Jackfruit to name a few as well as temporary shade trees like the famous Coorg Mandarin orange. These are naturally bee pollinated as such low pesticide residue.

The ripest of coffee beans has been handpicked by an all-women workforce and hand pulped and sundried to feature amongst the best of washed Arabicas.

The coffee has been calibrated to be brewed in various manual brewing ways, but not in an espresso machine.

  • Roast Profile: Medium Roast
  • Brewing recommendation: French Press / Chemex / Pour Over
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