Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee

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Single Origin Arabica from the best of Coorg, this washed Arabica specialty micro-lot has been aged in oak barrels which were used for maturing whisky. A limited edition coffee with a mild, mellow flavour, a rare find indeed.

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Mellow, with a hint of cedar and smoke. Chocolate, caramel and a hint of bourbon marry with sweet molasses for a coffee like none other.

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All About

Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee

About Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee

A bold experiment globally to mature processed coffee in vats of different alcohol has made this a popular coffee with different flavours emerging based on the liquors used.

In this specific case, we used oaken casks which were used to brew whisky. A rare curated specialty micro-lot of Single Origin and Single Estate vintage from Coorg, this prime Arabica has been sun-dried and aged over three months in whisky barrels imparting a mellow, sweetness to the coffee. As with most Coorg coffee, this coffee too is shade-grown and naturally, bird and bee-pollinated, washed and sun-dried before letting it mature in whisky barrels.

Whatever hint of alcohol the coffee has absorbed, is lost during the process of roasting. However, a Medium roast retains all its desirable qualities. With medium acidity, a hint of chocolate, and bourbon this coffee is available in a limited quantity and is a rare find for the discerning coffee connoisseur.

  • Roast Profile: Medium
  • Brewing recommendation: French Press / Chemex / Pour Over/Drip/Espresso/Moka Pot
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