Assam Tea: Everything You Need To Know

To The Beginning

Rewind to year, 1823. Robert Bruce, a Scottish explorer, stumbled upon tea-like plants growing in the wild near Rangpur. Maniram Dewan, a local nobleman, guided Bruce toward Bessa Gam, the Singpho chief. Here Bruce learned that the local tribe used the leaves of this bush to make tea. To get samples of these tea leaves containing seeds for further study, Bruce worked out a deal with the tribal chief.

Unfortunately, Bruce passed away before classifying the plant. His brother, Charles, however, took some samples of these leaves to a botanical garden in Calcutta for an in-depth analysis. After an extensive examination, the plant was given the name Camellia sinensis var. Assamica, officially recognizing it as a tea variety.

Beauty of Assam tea

The Beauty of Assam Tea

Wrapped in the foothills of the Himalayas in the north and south, the Brahmaputra River runs east to west and flows into the Bay of Bengal. This region has some of the world’s most diverse ecosystems due to its topography. Throughout the year, Assam experiences humid atmospheric conditions and heavy rainfall. Add to the mix its fertile land, rich soil, and low altitude and you get the perfect natural setting for tea production. This creates the perfect conditions for Assam Tea to obtain its distinct malty flavour that has made it renowned worldwide.

The tea is mainly harvested between March and November, and the coveted First and Second Flush varieties are gathered from April to June. This area is known for its traditional whole-leaf teas and CTC (crush, tear, curl) granular teas. Because of their strong, brisk, aromatic, malty flavours and brilliant colour, Assam black teas are lauded all over the globe.

Besides, assam tea is predominantly cultivated close to sea level on either side of the Brahmaputra River and is well-known for its full-bodied flavour, structure, malty notes, and intense, eye-catching hue. Although it is only 120 miles away from Darjeeling, Assam tea has a different taste and style. Undoubtedly, this tea has many health benefits and can be enjoyed any time of the day, making it a favourite among tea lovers.

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Benefits of Assam Tea

1.For Skin Health
This tea from Assam is known for its natural Vitamin A and E content, both of which are essential for healthy skin. Since it’s not processed or artificial, this tea won’t cause the adverse side effects many supplements do. When taken in the right amounts, Assam Black Tea can help to cleanse the blood, which promotes a healthy, radiant complexion.
2. For Weight Loss
Looking to shed a few extra pounds? Consider adding Assam Black Tea to your diet! This tea contains flavonoids that help promote weight loss without any side effects. It boosts your metabolic activity, allowing for more efficient fat-burning and weight management.
3. Warms up the Body
It is a hot drink that helps keep you warm. This makes it a great choice for those living in colder climates, who want to stay toasty without having to resort to artificial methods. Additionally, its health benefits make it safe to consume multiple times a day.
4. Maintains Optimal Blood Sugar
Assam Black Tea has natural antioxidants that help to prevent diabetes by decreasing and retaining control of your blood sugar. This tea also includes compounds such as theaflavins, tannins, and EGCG. These compounds aid in boosting insulin production in the body, stopping any sudden increases in blood sugar.


More Health benefits of assam tea

5. For Health and Cognitive Function

One of the best options to increase your focus and alertness, thanks to its optimal combination of caffeine and theanine. Theanine is an amino acid that helps to relax the mind, allowing you to amplify problem-solving capabilities. Aside from cognitive benefits, black tea may also offer protection against diseases related to aging. Also is more than just a morning pick-me-up; the high amounts of beneficial compounds found in this tea reduce oxidative stress in the brain and reduce the risk of diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. If you’re looking for an enjoyable way to increase your mental clarity and alertness, Assam Black Tea is the perfect choice.

6. For Immunity

A principal advantage of Assam black tea is its potent ability to boost immunity. Th tea contains a great deal of epigallocatechin (ECG), a potent antioxidant that combats malignant and immunity-weakening free radicals. Additionally, it assists you to stay healthy and decrease DNA damage, hindering premature aging in your body. Furthermore, it is one of the natural cures for the immune system because its antioxidants can prevent colds, seasonal flu, and other illnesses. Theaflavins have been shown to restrain the viruses that lead to HIV, Hepatitis C, and influenza.

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In Conclusion

The world’s single largest tea-growing region, Assam, produces an astounding 700 million kgs of tea each year! Without this tea, Assam’s primary industry would be lost and many workers would be left without a job. Tea drinkers would be deprived of one of the most popular black teas in the world, drastically changing tea drinking habits throughout the globe. We simply cannot imagine a world without Assam tea. That’s why Motley Brew is proud to offer a range of Assam teas, our natural elixir of health. Enjoy the health benefits of Assam teas with Motley Brew!


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