The latest trends and innovations in tea brewing and consumption

Tea has gained immense popularity worldwide, transcending cultural boundaries and becoming a cherished ritual for many.
As the demand for tea continues to grow, so does the need to stay updated with the latest trends. Join us as we delve into the latest trends and innovations in tea brewing and consumption.

Tea Tourism

This captivating form of tourism offers a range of accommodations. Starting from heritage bungalows and home stays to modern properties nestled within lush-green tea gardens or estates. Travellers have the opportunity to engage in tea tasting sessions. Also, explore tea factories to witness the tea-making process, or simply unwind and bask in the beauty of nature. These estates are not merely plantations; they are living museums that tell the story of generations dedicated to perfecting the art of tea cultivation.

Functional Teas

In today’s fast-paced world, where wellness and self-care take centre stage, functional teas have a delightful and beneficial way to support our overall well-being. Beyond their delightful flavours and soothing aromas, these teas are infused with a purpose. They are carefully crafted with herbs, spices, and botanicals known for their potential health benefits. Their formulation is a thoughtful process to target specific areas of wellness. They address various aspects of our physical, mental, and also emotional health. 

Motley Brew has crafted a collection of teas that go beyond conventional blends. In addition, offering unique flavours and targeted health benefits that cater to the diverse needs of tea enthusiasts.



Enhancing Quality with Innovative Technology

Tea-beverage manufacturers are at the forefront of leveraging innovative technologies to enhance the quality and bioactive content of their products. With a growing emphasis on health-conscious consumer demands, these advancements have become crucial in maximising the extraction yields of beneficial compounds, such as tea polyphenols, while ensuring the preservation of their quality throughout the production process.

Embracing a Healthy Choice

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in consumer preferences, with individuals becoming increasingly health-conscious and seeking out beverages that not only quench their thirst but also offer potential health benefits. This growing awareness has fuelled a surge in demand for specialty teas that cater to diverse wellness needs, such as herbal teas and teas rich in antioxidants.

Motley Brew’s curated collection of teas exemplifies commitment to prioritising the consumer’s well-being and environmental sustainability. They are carefully formulated, utilising only high-quality, mostly organic ingredients sourced from suppliers who adhere to sustainable and ethical practices.


The Rise of Ethical Sourcing and Eco-Friendly Consumption

Sustainability has become a paramount concern for conscientious consumers. Tea enthusiasts are actively seeking out teas that are ethically-sourced. While packaging materials are kind to the planet and promote biodegradability. Consumers are becoming more aware of the social and economic impact of their purchasing choices and are actively seeking out brands and teas that prioritise ethical sourcing.
With a focus on sourcing from Rainforest Alliance-certified estates and partnering with Fairtrade-certified gardens, Motley Brew ensures that our teas come from sustainable practices that prioritise the well-being of tea farmers and the planet.

Look Out for these Trending Variants


Kombucha, an effervescent and probiotic tea-based drink, has got the wellness world by storm. It has green tea that is enhanced with nourishing herbal additives, fruits, and spices. It additionally offers a unique and revitalising flavour profile. But its appeal goes beyond taste. Kombucha is popular for its probiotic and gut health benefits.


Originating from Japan, matcha is renowned for its vibrant green colour, velvety texture, and unique flavour profile. This earthy tea possesses a slight nuttiness that sets it apart. Undoubtedly making it a beloved ingredient in a range of delightful beverages and treats.

Honeybush Tea

For fans of South African rooibos, there’s a delightful new tea on the horizon: honeybush. Hailing from the same plant family as rooibos, honeybush is an herbal infusion. It brings a unique and flavourful twist to the world of tea.


Moringa Tea

What sets Moringa tea apart is its exceptional nutritional content. It is packed with a rich array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential amino acids. Without doubt, making it a true powerhouse of natural goodness.
Experience the perfect fusion of nature’s bounty with Motley Brew’s Organic Green Tea with Himalayan Mint & Moringa. This exceptional blend combines organic green tea from the Blue Mountains with Himalayan Mint from small growers at high elevations. To further enhance its wholesome goodness, this unique tea has an infusion of hand-picked Moringa. The Moringa leaves, from the arid plains of Tamil Nadu are then sun-dried.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile comes from the dried flowers of the chamomile plant. This herbal infusion offers a fragrant and serene experience. With its golden hue and subtle sweetness, Chamomile has a flavanoid called Apigenin which creates a mild sedative effect. It is widely popular to induce better sleep and allieviate anxiety. Its fast emerging as  a popular choice for those seeking relaxation and peace in their daily lives.

Discover the ancient wisdom and soothing benefits of chamomile with Motley Brew’s collection of Tisanes. Browse our exquisite range of chamomile-infused Tisanes and unlock the secrets of this herb.

To sum up

The world of tea brewing and consumption continues to evolve with exciting trends and innovations. The latest trends and innovations in tea brewing and consumption remind us that tea is not just a beverage but above all a holistic experience. Without doubt it succeeds to brings people together, stimulates our senses, and surely offers a myriad of health benefits. Irrespective of these trends , the classical form of tea consumption continues to grow at a double digit figure. So, let us raise our teacups to the ever-evolving world of tea, where tradition meets innovation and every sip is an opportunity to discover new flavours, embrace well-being, and find solace in the simple pleasures of life.

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