Exploring the Indian tea plants

Tea holds a cherished place in the heart of Indian culture, transcending mere refreshment to become a symbol of hospitality, tradition, and connection. As the second-largest tea producer in the world, India boasts a rich tea heritage that dates back centuries. From bustling street-side chai stalls to serene tea estates nestled in the foothills, the significance of tea permeates every corner of the country.


Tea, one of the most beloved and consumed beverages worldwide, has a fascinating origin deeply rooted in the evergreen Camellia sinensis plant. While it’s cultivated across tropical and sub-tropical regions, this remarkable plant gives rise to a wide array of flavours, aromas, and experiences. Among the vast genus of Camellia, only two varieties of Camellia sinensis have emerged as the primary sources for commercial tea production: Namely, Camellia sinensis var. Sinensis and Camellia sinensis var. Assamica.


1. China plant or chinary plant

The China plant, scientifically known as Camellia sinensis var. Sinensis or commonly referred to as the Chinary tea plant, holds a significant place in the world of tea. Moreover, originating from the northern part of Burma, as well as the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces of China, this tea plant variety surely carries a legacy of tradition and flavour. 

Standing tall at around 2 meters in height, the China plant showcases a distinctive appearance with its dark-coloured, almost leathery leaves. These leaves, carefully plucked and processed, hold the potential to create exquisite teas that captivate the senses.
The buds of the China plant present a beautiful hue of brown, enticing tea artisans with their promise of delicate flavours and aromas.

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2. Assam Plant

Camellia sinensis var. Assamica, a distinguished variety of the tea plant, takes its name from the north-eastern Indian state of Assam. Flourishing in the region’s fertile plains and humid climate, this robust and vigorous tea plant has undoubtedly become synonymous with the bold and invigorating Assam teas.

The Assam plant possesses remarkable characteristics that set it apart in the world of tea. Unlike its smaller counterparts, this plant has the potential to grow into a small tree if left unpruned. Its slender leaves are vibrant and thin, also with a distinctive tapering apex.


Unveiling the Distinctions: Chinary Plant vs. Assam Plant

Nestled within the picturesque hill tracts of Darjeeling, a treasure awaits: the enchanting “Chinery” tea. Amidst the breathtaking Alpine climate, these tea bushes flourish, imparting their distinct character to the teas they yield. Light in liquor yet abundant in aroma, the Chinery variety weaves a spell that is both rare and unparalleled.

The Chinery tea variety, still prevalent in the Darjeeling region, showcases its exceptional qualities in every cup. The small leaves demonstrate greater resilience to cold weather conditions. This adaptability allows it to thrive in regions with cooler temperatures. The high elevation and cooler climate of Darjeeling provide an ideal environment for these tea plants to flourish.

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On the other hand, Camellia Sinensis var Assamica, exhibits its strength in tropical areas and low elevations. These tea bushes without doubt carry their own magical charm, contributing to a different tea experience altogether. Also, well-suited for the popular tradition of brewing tea with milk, the Assam variety imparts a robustness and depth that complements the richness of dairy.

A Tea Drinking Experience 

The distinct qualities of the Assam variety, known for its larger leaves and tropical adaptability, create harmony when combined with milk as well. The resulting infusion is a harmonious blend of strength and smoothness, surely offering a comforting and fulfilling tea-drinking experience.
This variety has leaves that are noticeably larger compared to its Chinese counterpart. The Assamica variety finds its true home in the fertile plains and humid climate of the Assam region, where it thrives and contributes to the production of bold and robust teas that are cherished around the world.

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